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"It's hardly a balanced relationship if I've killed and you haven't, is it?" - reality is a matter of choice
"It's hardly a balanced relationship if I've killed and you haven't, is it?"
Much work. Must do.


If I was rich, I'd employ someone to do it for me. Still, at least I can have uni workload support from littlexander and wastedfairy. Probably.

*sigh*. So what do I have to do? Not that it would mean anything to any of you, I suppose, but I have to write an essay about a specific genre of music. I've chosen electronica, but I haven't actually started to write it yet. It has to be in in three weeks. Which it will be, but I need to start, you know, writing it. I will. Also, much recording needs to be done, which is fairly simple I suppose, but I should really start getting around to actually doing it. And I need new manuscript paper, because it is a long time ago since I ran out.

And lurking on MSN is really getting my work done, isn't it? *cough*. Thankfully nobody's talking to me, although I keep getting tempted to click on their names and say 'hiiii', and then get distracted. Even though I'm already distracted by LJ. Meh. I suck. I'm such a procrastinator.

I should stress more, I think. But then, maybe not, because stress would lead to panic would lead to failure. Riding along calmly, because I know I'm going to finish it and do it right, is the way for me. Because I am good at this.

Am done now.

I feel: working working
I hear: Leftfield - Open Up

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divadynamite From: divadynamite Date: April 21st, 2004 05:28 am (UTC) (Link)
I win as the world's biggest procrastinator though :P

A friend of mine calls it "DD time management". Basically, it's knowing for weeks that I have to do some paper/project, but postponing it until the very last few days, and then working like mad on the last night, often not sleeping at all in order to get it done. Works every time!

Speaking of which, I have a paper to finish by tomorrow. Needless to say, I haven't done almost anything. *shrug* oh well, there's a loooong night ahead ;)

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